Used Industrial Heat Exchangers for Sale

Used Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers transfer heat from one medium to another to create cooling and heating solutions. These machines are often the primary cooling sources preventing heavy process equipment from overheating. Depending on their design, they may have exchanger fans, coolants, belts, lines and other components to improve flow and increase heating and cooling efficiencies.

Heat exchangers serve many industries:

  • Chemical processing
  • Power plant generation
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Transportation
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration
  • Cryogenics

Used Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers for Sale at LCEC

Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company has a vast selection of used heat exchangers to meet your industrial processing requirements. Among the models we offer are:

  • Reboilers: A reboiler’s primary function is generating vapor. These devices force liquid through an exchanger to condense and enter a distillation column.
  • Condensers: Condensers remove heat from vapor for liquid conversion. These machines are often used with reboilers to release latent heat into the atmosphere.
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers: These devices transfer heat between a bundle of tubes surrounded by a large shell. Fluids in the tubes exchange heat with liquids running over the lines inside the shell.
  • Plate exchangers: These machines use plates to transfer heat between two fluids. Often, plate exchangers offer much quicker cooling speeds than conventional methods.

Heat Exchanger FAQs

Heat exchangers are a type of highly complex and essential equipment used throughout commercial and industrial applications. We have created a list of the most popular heat exchanger questions we receive to provide enough information to help you make an educated decision. If you have any questions not listed, feel free to contact our team online for assistance. 

Is it worth replacing a heat exchanger?

Depending on the issues you’re experiencing, a replacement can be extremely beneficial. Diagnostic tests and quick fixes can lead to significant downtimes only to delay the inevitable, especially if you notice cracks in your system. In most situations, it’s far more economical to replace a unit rather than try to mend the damage. 

Can I replace a heat exchanger myself?

If you have the knowledge and skills required to replace your heat exchanger, it is possible to do it yourself. However, replacing a heat exchanger comes with risks of leaking carbon monoxide into your facility, so it is often a good idea to enlist professional assistance. 

How long should a heat exchanger last?

Depending on the type of heat exchanger you have and how you or a professional initially installed it, you should expect to get anywhere from 10 to 20 years of reliable performance. It’s crucial to perform regular upkeep activities to keep it clean, free of corrosion and ready to operate. 

Can a heat exchanger be fixed?

You can fix your industrial heat exchanger in certain situations instead of replacing the unit completely. While fouling, flow maldistribution and faulty tube bundles will require some work, you should be able to remedy these problems fairly easily. However, if you notice your heat exchanger overheating, cracking or rusting from the inside out, you’ll likely have to replace the entire system. 

What causes heat exchangers to fail?

While heat exchangers are designed to last for decades, their performance can be cut short due to various factors, leading to inefficient performance and premature system failure in some cases. Typically, they begin to fail due to age, wearing out from the constant contracting and expanding of metals. Other situations with the potential to cause untimely malfunctions include: 

  • Improper installation.
  • Lack of routine maintenance.
  • Inadequate equipment or system design.
  • Corrosion.
  • Insufficient airflow.

Buy Used Heat Exchangers at Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company

LCEC’s broad selection of used heat exchangers has you covered whether you need a reboiler, condenser or another exchanger. You can also explore our complete online inventory to find the right solution for your applications. Feel free to contact us online or at +1-866-289-5232 for more information or additional technical assistance. 

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