Used Industrial Heat Exchangers for Sale

Used Exchangers for Sale

Chemical Processing Equipment Available from LCEC.

The chemical industry uses many types heat exchangers to transfer energy. The exchanger device is designed to efficiently transfer heat from one liquid to another. These industrial devices are designed for high pressure applications. LCEC carries the worlds largest online database for Heat Exchangers of all kinds. Online and off—we have a huge inventory of used shell and tube, plate exchanger, spiral heat exchanger, and air cooled exchangers and many more. Choose from our list here.

For assistance with choosing the best shell and tube, plate, spiral heat, or air cooled heat exchanger for your chemical equipment needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Used heat Exchangers from Top Manufacturers

Give us a call today or visit us online to see the largest collection of new, used and surplus Heat Exchangers. If you are searching for an entire heat exchange system our Sales Team can help you locate the best fit for your refinery, power plant, and/or your industrial company. We are a reliable supplier for — Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Plate Heat Exchangers, Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers, Spiral Heat Exchangers, Tubular Heat Exchangers, Finned Tube Heat Exchangers, Bundle Heat Exchangers, Fixed Tube Heat Exchanger, Sheet Heat Exchangers, Heliflow Heat Exchangers, Jet System Heat Exchangers, Karbate Block Heat Exchangers, Kettle Reboiler Heat Exchangers, Surface Condenser Heat Exchangers, U-Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers, and Vaporizer Heat Exchangers.

LCEC carries the top manufacturers including: Southern Heat Exchanger, Missouri Boiler, Nooter, Efco, Vicarb, Whitlock, Camden Alloy Fab, Atlas, American Heat Reclaiming, Alfa Laval Inc.

These Exchangers are ready to ship to your facility and are available in a variety of materials, such as, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Glass-Lined, Titanium, Karbate, Poly, Copper Alloy and much more. Our Sales Team is experienced and eager to work with you… contact us today.

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