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Used Turbines

Turbines create kinetic energy with fluids such as water, steam or gas running through a series of rotating blades. Once the turbine captures the kinetic energy, it can direct it to various systems for power. Turbines may be used to power compressors, pumps, generators or many other types of industrial equipment.

Since turbines are so versatile in their energy capabilities, they are valuable to all types of industries, such as:

  • Chemical processing
  • Oil and gas
  • Waste water
  • Pharmaceuticals

Our Used Turbines for Sale

At LCEC, we carry many types of turbines to fit your industrial applications, including:

  • Steam: In a steam turbine, a heat source like gas, coal or solar brings water to a high enough temperature that it converts to steam. The steam flows through the turbine’s blades to generate kinetic energy.
  • Gas: A gas turbine compresses air and heats it to create hot gas. The hot gas travels through the blades to generate high speeds and build up kinetic energy. This turbine type is often used during peak loads or as a standby power solution for smaller power units.
  • Hydraulic: Hydraulic turbines harness the energy of moving water to spin the blades and generate power. These turbines are most commonly seen in dams to provide power for a general area.

Find a Turbine Generator for Sale at LCEC

You can find a broad range of turbine types for your power needs at Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company. Browse our inventory today or conduct an advanced equipment search to find options based on specific keywords or manufacturers. If you need assistance, get in touch with our team.

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