Industrial Tube Boilers

Used Boilers

Boilers use a furnace with steam components to transfer heat. The combination of radiant and convective heat optimizes the heat transfer and leads to higher efficiency and lower pollution. Many industries rely on boiler heat to run their operations, such as:

  • Chemical processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Power plants

Commercial Steam Boilers for Sale at LCEC

Used steam and gas boilers at LCEC include a range of configurations, including: 

  • Steam drum: Boiler water pipes use a steam drum configuration — a reservoir of steam that keeps it separate from the water. This separation in hot and cold water facilitates the accumulation of water for ongoing heat and efficiency. 
  • Once-through: Once-through boilers use a much smaller water inventory and do not contain a drum. They use a continuous flow from the evaporator inlet to the superheater outlet and are often used for utility electricity generation. Typically, these boiler types are used for high-pressure operations.
  • Supercritical: This boiler type operates at high pressures and temperatures without a drum. The water reaches above its critical pressure, creating zero distinction between water and steam. This system reduces greenhouse gases and fuel consumption without this clear phase separation.

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We offer a range of steam models and used gas boilers for sale at Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company. Explore our full inventory today or find a specific item with our advanced equipment search. If you need assistance finding the right boiler for your applications, you can get in touch with our team

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