Used Industrial Air Fin Coolers for Sale

Used Industrial Air Fin Coolers for Sale

An air fin cooler — also called a fin fan — is the machine that carries out the air cooling process for chemical plants. Air cooling dissipates heat from a hot process fluid into the air. The finned tubes and fans move the ambient, low-temperature air over the coils to cool the hot fluid.

Air fan coolers work to cool any fluid, including corrosive types. They’re common in many types of plants:

  • Condensation
  • Power
  • Refinery
  • Petrochemical
  • Gas
  • Oil

Used Air Fin Coolers at Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company

Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company has many used fin fans for sale. Most of our used fin fan inventory falls into one of two categories:

  • Forced draft: These coolers focus the volume and pressure at the fan’s outlet to push air through the system. Forced draft air fin coolers are best for applications with high process inlet temperatures.
  • Induced draft: These fans focus the volume and pressure at the fan’s inlet to pull air through the system. Induced draft fin fans are useful in environments with high temperatures, extreme exhaust gases, acidic airstreams and other harsh conditions.

Unsure which type you need? Our team will help you find the best used fin fan for your application.

Air Fin Coolers FAQs

Have questions about air fin coolers? Take a look at our list of the most prevalent questions we’ve received on them, or contact our team online for personalized assistance. 

What is an air fin cooler?

Air-cooled heat exchangers are machines used to remove a liquid’s heat. They are especially useful in applications producing excess heat that you cannot use for anything else. These systems utilize multiple fans to force cool air across tubes filled with hot process fluids, where the ambient air removes the liquids’ heat before it returns through the system.

Why do air fin coolers use finned tubes?

Finned tubes have long been used within air fin coolers to increase their surface area for heat transfer. Additional outside surface area drastically increases a system’s heat transfer rate, reducing the total quantity of tubes required.

What are the fin types of air-cooled heat exchangers?

Three fin types are commonly used throughout air-cooled heat exchangers, typically constructed from aluminum, stainless steel, copper or carbon steel. The fin designs you choose will depend on your budget, application, operating temperatures and atmospheric temperatures. These kinds of fins include: 

  • Extruded: Ideal for operating in temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Embedded: Most efficient within temperature ranges between 600 and 750 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • L-Base Wrap-On: Useful in conditions below 250 degrees Fahrenheit. 

What is the difference between induced and force draft air coolers?

Induced and force draft air cooler systems differ in their fans’ locations and how air moves throughout each. Within induced systems, its fans are located above the tube bundles and pull air, which creates less velocity and more even air distribution. Force draft air coolers function inversely, with fans placed below the tube bundles. This placement allows the fans to push air across the finned tubes while maintaining adequate accessibility for maintenance and adjustments. 

How many fins are used in air cooling systems?

The number of fins used to construct air fin coolers depends on the manufacturer’s design. Typically, these systems have between 7 and 11 fins per square inch. However, this number can extend to 30 fins per inch in certain designs. 

Which fin shape is most effective for heat transfer?

Manufacturers build air-cooled heat exchangers using various fin shapes to optimize their heat transfer efficiency. Most system models have one of three types, including plane, wavy or rectangular configurations. Out of these three, wavy fins are the most effective by significantly increasing a system’s performance due to more surface area and an increased air flow length. 

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