Used Heaters, Incinerators and Ovens

Industrial heaters, incinerators and ovens are heated chambers that can handle a broad range of heat treatment processes. They operate at high temperatures and work well for commercial applications large and small. Many of these machines run on hot water, oil, gas or electricity.

Some of the most common industrial ovens are curing ovens, drying ovens, batch ovens and continuous ovens. These heating devices can handle various applications, including fusing materials, activating adhesives, preheating, laminating and sintering.

This equipment has applications in:

  • Chemical processing.
  • Automotive.
  • Food production.
  • Electronics.
  • Ceramics.
  • Metalworking.
  • Waste management.

Our Used Incinerators for Sale

At Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company, we offer an extensive range of used incinerators and heating equipment for sale, including coiled piping, branch tube machinery and thermal fluid pressure equipment. Some specific examples are:

  • Used Heatec pumps and hot oil heaters: Heatec specializes in thermal fluid heaters, specifically hot oil heaters with helical coils heated by fired burners. One heater can serve multiple devices connected by thermal fluid circuits.
  • Used incinerators: Incinerators cover many waste and disposal applications, including agriculture, e-waste and medical waste. They are also instrumental in many of today’s waste-to-energy solutions.
  • Used industrial ovens: This equipment can handle tasks like baking, curing or drying parts or products throughout many manufacturing processes.

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Hydrocracking + Fractionation Unit for Sale

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