Used Industrial Blenders for Sale

Used Industrial Blenders for Sale

Industrial blenders — also called ribbon mixers or ribbon blenders — combine two or more substances that will separate over time. Industrial, manufacturing, production, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries need ribbon mixers to combine and pulverize substances as part of their production processes.

Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company has a wide range of ribbon blenders for sale. Our used equipment is reliable and productive for a low price.

Our Used Ribbon Mixers for Sale

Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company has many types of ribbon mixers for sale, including:

  • Tumbler mixers: Tumbler mixers combine materials by tumbling them around an axis. Gravitational force helps the mixing process.
  • Plow blenders: Also called a paddle mixer, this blender has paddles attached to a shaft. When the shaft rotates, the paddles mix the materials through axial and radial dispersion.
  • Ribbon blenders: Stainless steel (SS) ribbon blenders have ribbon-like blades rotating around a central axis. The first ribbon pushes the mixture in one direction, and the second ribbon pushes it the other way. Choose from single-ribbon blenders and double-ribbon blenders.

Whatever type of blender you get, you need to know how to safely blend the chemicals and handle the resulting mixture. The combination of reactive chemicals creates an entirely new substance.

Blenders FAQs

Want to learn more about industrial blenders? Look at some of these common questions, or contact us online for additional technical assistance.

What are the disadvantages of tumbler blenders?

One of the most significant downsides to a tumbler blender is its large footprint, requiring ample floor and overhead space to accommodate the mixer base and the rotating vessel for proper functioning. While these machines are ideal for dense powders and fragile or rough solids, they struggle to mix sticky or paste-like materials. Sometimes, tumbler blenders have been known to over-mix and ultimately separate a mixture.

What is a plow blender used for?

Plow blenders are beneficial for dealing with dry, semi-dry and free-floating materials. They offer gentle handling capabilities advantageous for fragile or heat-sensitive products. A plow blender can be helpful for various industries, including the food, chemical and consumer products sectors, mixing goods such as:

  • Cereals
  • Animal feed
  • Glass beads
  • Detergents
  • Pesticides

What is the advantage of a ribbon blender?

Ribbon blenders are highly versatile, making them the go-to machine for various applications. Professionals primarily use these pieces of equipment for solids-on-solids mixing. However, they also have applications for coating a dry particle with a liquid ingredient or slurry and developing liquid suspension mixtures. They offer short and fast mixing cycles, producing smooth results within efficient durations.

What is the capacity of a ribbon mixer machine?

Ribbon mixers are available in all shapes and sizes, with capacities ranging from 5 to 25,000 liters. It’s crucial to remember that these machines have a working capacity, so they can only utilize 30% to 40% of their overall listed volume. Ribbon mixers offer speedy mixing times at these capacities, falling between 10 and 20 minutes.

What materials can a ribbon blender handle?

Ribbon mixers are ideal for carefully handling and thoroughly mixing powders and other granular substances. Depending on the model, they may also possess capabilities to tackle jobs dealing with powders and liquids. They are used throughout the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural and plastics industries and offer excellent speed, efficiency, safety and versatility.

What is a ribbon blender also known as?

Ribbon blenders were given their name thanks to their thin, ribbon-shaped agitator responsible for mixing. However, you might also find them under other names, including industrial blenders or ribbon mixers.

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