Used industrial tanks support various applications, such as storing materials, housing reactions and preparing substances for transport. Tanks are valuable across industries, such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemical processing and plastic production.

Used Glass-Lined Tanks and More

At LCEC, our selection of used tanks offers a range of sizes and alloys to suit your applications. Some of our tank types include:

  • Sanitary: Used sanitary tanks feature polished interior metal to suit applications that require cleanliness. The polishing removes the surface of abrasives and prevents corrosion that can be unsafe for food items and pharmaceutical production.
  • Double wall: This tank type is most commonly used in chemical processing applications because it provides the most protection against chemical spills. With an inner and outer layer, stored materials are safe from the elements and unable to escape the tank during transport.
  • Jacketed: Jacketed tank systems have a solid shell that protects the thermal properties of the substances inside. Jacketed tanks can keep materials cold or warm.

In addition to these tank types, you can search for specific alloys, such as used stainless steel jacketed tanks and Hastelloy designs.

Search for Used Hastelloy Jacketed Tanks and Other Models at LCEC

Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company carries a broad range of used tanks to support various applications. Browse our complete used tank inventory or use our advanced equipment search to find specific manufacturers or machines. If you’re unsure what type of tank you need for your applications, get in touch with our experts today.

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