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Injection molding is a popular process for manufacturing high product volumes of parts typically made from plastic, rubber, metal or glass. The process involves injecting hot, molten material into a mold and cooling it until it becomes solid. This method works well for mass-producing products with complex shapes, specifically plastics.

Many industries use injection molding due to its speed and accuracy. Some examples of the sectors injection molders serve are:

  • Food and beverage processing.
  • Medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Chemical processing.
  • Consumer product manufacturing.
  • Agriculture.
  • Electronics.

Used Injection Molders and Rubber Injection Presses for Sale at LCEC

Injection molding machines are also called injection molding presses. Depending on the application, operators may clamp molds or dies to the press horizontally or vertically.

The injection unit is the part that contains the screw motor drive, reciprocating screw, heaters and thermocouple. The clamping section consists of the mold, the clamping motor drive and the tie bars. Injection molding machines fall into three categories:

  • Hydraulic
  • Mechanical
  • Electric

These designs often break down into subcategories based on the product material, covering rubber, plastic or metal injection. At Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company, we offer a variety of pre-owned molding equipment to fulfill your needs regardless of industry or application.

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