Used Industrial Screeners for Sale

Used Screeners

Screeners are industrial equipment used to separate particles from liquids. Industries such as pharmaceuticals and chemical processing rely on these machines to create pure substances for production. These machines are also used in refineries to move fluids at high flow rates as well as in cooling towers, shells and tubes and exchangers.

Used Shaker Screens and More

At LCEC, we carry a range of screening equipment to support your particle separation requirements. You can find used shaker screens and used circular vibrating screens to fit your applications. Some of our screen types include:

  • Centrifugal: This screen type uses several helical vanes to speed up the delivery of materials through the screens. These devices run quietly compared to other vibratory screeners.
  • Dewatering: Used dewatering screens are specifically designed to remove excess water for slurries with materials such as frac sand and grit. A system within this machine absorbs the water as it’s removed from the slurry to prevent it from entering the environment. Dewatering screens can also clean the water before releasing it. 
  • Round and rectangular: Round screens are suited for small volumes of material, while rectangular screens can handle heavy-duty applications. 

In addition to the different types of screens we offer, our inventory also includes notable brands in the equipment industry, such as Brant and Rotex.

Find a Used Rotex Screener and Other Products at LCEC

At Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company, we can meet your separation needs with used screening equipment such as vibratory screens. Browse our full inventory or conduct an advanced equipment search to find specific machines and manufacturers. If you need assistance, contact our team

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