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Unused and Used Chemical Processing Equipment

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Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company sells a wide range of used processing equipment to suit industrial operations. Industries such as chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas and other sectors rely on these advanced systems to meet their production goals. With our wide range of available machinery, you can find the right equipment for your needs. 

Hydrocracking + Fractionation Unit for Sale

Hydrocracking + Fractionation Unit for Sale

Hydrocracker Reactor Section Unit 7500 converts a feed of Flashed Distillate, Waxy Distillate and Deasphalted Oil (DAO) in a Hydrogen rich atmosphere into mainly Naphtha, Kerosene and Gas Oil products which are sent to Fractionation section U7600.

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Finally the CO2 streams from each gasifier train are combined and delivered to the pipeline. The CO2 compressor is an eight-stage, integral-gear compressor with a synchronous motor drive. The machine is controlled by three sets of adjustable inlet guide vanes. It is further protected from the effects of surge by three separate recirculation loops.

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Sulfuric Acid Plant

Sulfuric Acid Plant

On sale right now is this 712 MTPD WSA Sulfuric Acid Plant. This Haldor Topsoe Plant produces 32.7 tons per hour of 93% sulfuric acid concentration 185° F and 145 PSIG.

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Unused Hydrocracker Reactors for Sale!

Unused Hydrocracker Reactors for Sale!

(1) Unused Hydrocracker Reactor, 12’ID X 80’T-T (103’ overall length), 2755psig @ 850F, SA-336M F22V (Modified 2 1/4Cr-1Mo-V steel) w/TP317L Stainless Steel Weld Overlay, Built 2010 by Kobelco Steel Japan, ASME Code and National Board Registered (909), s/n 090053. Stored under Nitrogen Purge.

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Our Featured Processing Equipment

Our featured processing equipment includes some of the biggest equipment we carry in our inventory. You may find large setups such as a used hydrotreater or a used hydrocracker. In some cases, we even carry complete plants. Used hydrogen plants, for example, allow operations to house hydrogen gas processes to generate electricity.

Other featured processing equipment includes:

  • CO2 compression dehydration systems
  • Sulfuric acid plants
  • Ammonia equipment
  • Hydrocracker reactors
  • Hydrogen plants
  • Hydrotreaters

We’re always finding more used equipment to offer, so keep checking back for updates on our featured machines. While we might have a used hydrogen plant today, something else could take its place by tomorrow!

The Benefits of Choosing LCEC

Choosing LCEC means you can enjoy all the benefits of buying used equipment, including:

  • Ready when you are: New equipment typically comes with long lead times. Most operations have to wait three to six months for their equipment to be installed brand new. Used equipment is ready when you are. You find the equipment or machinery you need, and you can have it up and running in as little as a couple weeks. This short lead time allows you to meet your goals faster and start working more efficiently sooner.
  • Smaller investment: All equipment values depreciate, which allows you to pay only a percentage of a machine’s original cost. At the same time, this depreciation moves much slower than other items you purchase, such as a car. Eventually, the value will plateau, and if you find you need to sell it, you may still get a good price.
  • Quality: While the word “used” may imply that a piece of equipment is old and worn, that’s not always the case. Many of our used machines were used very few times, giving you like-new quality without the new price.

In addition to the advantages of buying used equipment, you can benefit from our attentive customer service and our easy-to-use website. With our advanced equipment search, you can narrow down your search based on keywords, equipment types and manufacturers.

Talk to Us About Our Used Processing Equipment for Sale

Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company understands your operation’s goals, and we support them with a wide range of used processing equipment for sale. Buy equipment as-is and give your operation the productivity boost it needs.

Why buy new when you can buy used? Start exploring our inventory today to find a wide range of available machines. While we carry large-scale items such as hydrotreaters and sulfuric acid plants, we also offer smaller machines such as compressors, electric motors, pumps and more.

The LCEC team is eager to assist you if you need help with your search. We have locations across the globe, and you can talk to a professional at one of the locations nearest you. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our equipment inventory.

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