Used Mixers — Liquid, Paste and Sludge

Mixers for liquid, paste and sludge are common in pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, waste water treatment and pulp and paper manufacturing. Mixers are essential for homogenizing, dispersing, emulsifying and reducing particle size, and they come in a range of configurations. 

Most mixers will have inner and outer piping alongside outlets and inlets. Many liquid, paste and sludge mixers come with dispersion mixers and high-speed turbines. 

Find a Used High Shear Mixer and More

At LCEC, our selection of used mixers includes equipment from reputable brands, such as Mesto, Praj Industries, Lodge Ringlayer, Braun, NETZSCH and much more. Some of our popular models include:

  • Single shaft paddle mixer: This mixer type features one large, horizontal shaft that houses material to be mixed. Paddles located throughout the shaft agitate the materials for homogeneous mixing. 
  • High shear mixer: Also called high shear homogenizers, these machines use a high-speed rotor to push material toward a stationary stator. When the material comes in contact with the stator, it is sheared. These mixers can be used for homogenization, emulsification, dispersion and particle reduction.
  • Disperser: Dispersers use high-speed blades to incorporate powders into liquids and break down particle masses for fine dispersions. The blade creates a vortex that suits high viscosity applications.

Buy a Used Disperser and Other Mixers at LCEC

At Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company, you can find a range of used liquid, paste and sludge mixers for your applications. Explore our full inventory today or use the advanced equipment search option to find a specific model for your operation. Need assistance? Get in touch with us today.

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