Used Compressors for Sale

Used Industrial Air Compressors for Sale

Compressors increase the pressure of gases to create energy for powering various tools and machinery. Some industries that rely on compressors include automotive, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing and woodworking. In these industries, these machines are used to:

  • Create air curtains
  • Power control valves
  • Convey materials
  • Dry products after processing

Used Air Compressors Available at LCEC

At LCEC, we carry a wide range of compressor types, including:

  • Positive displacement pumps: This broad compressor category stores air and compresses it to increase pressure and potential energy. Within this category, you can also find rotary screw and reciprocating styles. Rotary screw compressors handle continuous use with two internal rotors that spin in opposite directions. Reciprocating models use a piston inside a cylinder to compress air.
  • Dynamic compressors: This broad category generates horsepower with rotating blades. These blades restrict air to create pressure, and the machine stores kinetic energy as static. Axial compressors are a type of dynamic compressor that work for high-power applications. Centrifugal compressors also fall in this category, and they slow and cool air to create energy.

Used Centrifugal Compressors and Axial Compressors 

Axial and centrifugal compressors are two types of dynamic compressors, which generate horsepower with rotating blades. The blades create pressure by restricting airflow. The machine then stores kinetic energy as static energy. 

While axial and centrifugal compressors belong in the same category, there are notable differences between them. Axial compressors are best suited for high-power applications. The air passes through the compressor shaft through rows of blades. The air’s velocity gradually increases as the stationary blades turn kinetic energy into pressure. Often, axial compressors have built-in balancing drums that counterbalance any thrust.

Centrifugal air compressors are often larger than axial compressors and operate at faster speeds. 

A hallmark of a centrifugal compressor is radial discharge flow, meaning it draws air up into the impeller, then pushes it toward the perimeter. The air movement occurs at the same time as an increase in pressure, which produces kinetic energy. The air then passes through the impeller, where it turns into pressure.

The impeller on a centrifugal compressor can be stainless steel or aluminum. 

Our compressor models also cover various types of gases. Our inventory includes:

  • Used natural gas compressors
  • Used syngas compressors
  • Used CO2 compressors
  • Used hydrogen compressors

We also sell used compressor parts, including used stainless steel compressor tanks.

Other Used Air Compressor Types

While axial and centrifugal air compressors may be the most common, we also sell many other types of compressors, including the following:

  • Belt-driven compressors: As their name indicates, these industrial compressors have a belt attached to the motor and the air pump. Many facilities prefer to use these products because they can adjust their pressure quickly.
  • Diaphragm compressors: Diaphragm compressors are a type of reciprocating compressor. The diaphragm protects the pump, making these products ideal for aquatic uses.
  • Reciprocating balanced opposed compressors: These positive displacement compressors arrange multiple cylinders so that one piston’s motion counters the other’s. Various industries use this equipment to compress gases, such as natural gas.
  • Refrigeration compressors: These compressors are specifically designed to compress the refrigerant in a refrigerated system.
  • Rotary screw compressors: As mentioned above, rotary screw compressors use rotating screws rather than pistons and are suitable for continuous use.
  • Train compressors: Train compressors are designed for railway and locomotive applications, such as train horns and air braking systems.

When choosing an industrial compressor, consider your facility’s needs and select an option that serves as the most effective solution.

Find Used industrial Compressors at LCEC

At LCEC, we offer many kinds of used industrial compressors for sale. You can find used syngas compressors, used natural gas compressors and much more. Explore our full inventory today. If you’re unsure what type of compressor you need for your applications, contact our team based in your location.

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