Used Compressors for Sale

Used Compressors for Sale

Compressors increase the pressure of gases to create energy for powering various tools and machinery. Some industries that rely on compressors include automotive, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing and woodworking. In these industries, these machines are used to: 

  • Create air curtains
  • Power control valves
  • Convey materials
  • Dry products after processing

Compressors Available at LCEC

At LCEC, we carry a wide range of compressor types, including: 

  • Positive displacement pumps: This broad compressor category stores air and compresses it to increase pressure and potential energy. Within this category, you can also find rotary screw and reciprocating styles. Rotary screw compressors handle continuous use with two internal rotors that spin in opposite directions. Reciprocating models use a piston inside a cylinder to compress air.
  • Dynamic compressors: This broad category generates horsepower with rotating blades. These blades restrict air to create pressure, and the machine stores kinetic energy as static. Axial compressors are a type of dynamic compressor that work for high-power applications. Centrifugal compressors also fall in this category, and they slow and cool air to create energy.

Our compressor models also cover various types of gases. Our inventory includes:

  • Used natural gas compressors
  • Used syngas compressors
  • Used CO2 compressors
  • Used hydrogen compressors

Look for a Used CO2 Compressor and More at LCEC

At LCEC, you can find used syngas compressors, used natural gas compressors and much more. Explore our full inventory today. If you’re unsure what type of compressor you need for your applications, contact our team based in your location.

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