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Industrial converters work with a mover to transfer rotating power to a rotating driven load. These converters operate in three phases — stall, acceleration and coupling — to deliver torque to a driven load. Some converters support continuous variable transmission and allow for multiple torques. These large machines perform a similar function to a converter in a car by helping energy get from one component to another.

Our used converters offer a range of alloy types, sizes and previous service experience. From urea reactors to ammonia conversion, these machines have proven effective for many industries, including chemical processing, refining and manufacturing.

With many sizes and alloys available, it’s essential to understand the performance requirements for your converter. For example, if you’re looking for high-capacity output, refer to the tons per day capabilities. 

The Benefits of Converters

The main benefits of industrial converters include:

  • Torque: The nature of converters can create higher torque than a mover could on its own. This torque duplication ensures your operation has the power it needs to complete chemical processes. 
  • Cooling: Many converter designs have built-in cooling mechanisms to reduce heat created by the torque transfer. This feature adds safety to chemical processing operations that rely on high-heat processes.

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At LCEC, our selection of used converters can support your chemical processing operation. Explore our complete selection of converters today to find a product that works for your application. If you’re unsure what type of converter you need, you can call our experts located in your region. We’re happy to guide you to the right product!

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