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Industrial mills are used in industries such as chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, food production and cosmetics. These machines allow operations to control the particle size of a substance by grinding, crushing, plowing and breaking down powders.

These machines are capable of consistent particle size and flow rate, making them a reliable machine for your “top-down” approach to production. In some cases, mills are used for dispersion or homogenization. 

Used Mills in Stock

At LCEC, we carry a wide range of used mills to meet your production needs. Some of our leading products include:

  • Hammermill: In this mill type, particles feed through a chute to a spinning shaft with multiple steel hammers. These machines can be belt-driven and powered by electricity. Whether you’re looking for an electric hammer mill for sale or another model type, we have many options in stock.
  • Shredder: Industrial shredders have one or multiple shafts with rotary blades. These machines often feed materials through a screen to determine when the particles have reached the ideal size.
  • Granulator: Industrial granulators use rotors with cutting knives and stationary blades to chop materials finely. Much like a shredder, material feeds through a screen to identify if it’s the appropriate size for your application.

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Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company offers a wide range of used mills for sale to suit your needs. Explore our full inventory today or conduct an advanced equipment search to find machines that meet your unique requirements. For help selecting a used mill, get in touch today.

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