Used Industrial Generators for Sale

Used Generators

Industrial generators use various fuel types to create mechanical energy and convert it into power. Industrial generators are known for their durability and can act as a primary power source or serve as a backup.

Used Industrial Generators for Sale at Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company

At Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company, our extensive selection of large-capacity machines features models from some of the world’s most trusted brands, like General Electric, Kato, Siemens, Teledyne and Horlick. Some of the used generators we carry include:

  • Cogeneration generators: A combined heat and power (CHP) generator uses two forms of energy from one fuel source. This configuration produces a steady stream of electricity more efficiently.
  • Turbines: Turbines convert mechanical energy from their blades’ rotation into power for generators. Gas turbine generators use the hot combustion gas’s expansion to move the machine’s rotating blades and create electricity.
  • Diesel, natural gas and steam generators: Steam and natural gas generators make less noise and produce cleaner power when a temporary energy source is required. Diesel generators are a much more efficient and stable power source over an extended period.

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Let the experts at LCEC help you find the best pre-owned generator for your specific application. We buy industrial generators and recommend suitable options from our selection. Contact us today to learn more about our equipment, or explore our comprehensive inventory of products to address your other industrial processing needs. You can also speak with an expert when you call +1-866-289-5232.

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