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When industries like pharmaceuticals, chemical processing and agriculture need to remove moisture from materials, products and substances, dryers are the best equipment for the job. This equipment class covers many types of machines that use different methods to complete the drying process. 

For example, calciners are steel cylinders that rotate inside a heated furnace. A vibrating fluid bed dryer uses vibration and air to make material flow like a fluid and dry it out. These two different drying processes can lead to the same result, but the method you use will depend on the moisture levels and materials you’re dealing with.

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At LCEC, you can find calciners and vibrating fluid bed dryers as well as a:

  • Used rotary vacuum: Rotary vacuum dryers have a horizontal shell with a hollow agitator that rotates closely to the outer wall. Heat applies through the jacket and drying is done under vacuum. The vacuum and agitation allow you to dry sensitive materials. 
  • Used vacuum shelf dryer: These dryers have square or round chambers with shelving on the inside. Wet materials can be placed on pans or trays to undergo drying. These dryers work for uniform, low-temperature drying needs.
  • Used flash dryer: Hot air enters a chamber and instantly mixes with the wet material. The material moves through a pipeline and is completely dry by the time it’s discharged. Flash drying is excellent for drying and dehumidifying powders.

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Our selection of used dryers gives your operation access to critical tools. Explore our full range of available dryers today. If you’re not sure which dryer type would work best for your operation, get in touch with our team today. 

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