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Chemical, medical and pharmaceutical operations rely on a wide range of equipment types to develop products. Processes such as osmosis and diffusion are essential to producing products, and the equipment used must meet the high demands of these industries.

With access to the right equipment, these operations can:

  • Improve production efficiency.
  • Develop new processes for creating medical and pharmaceutical products.
  • Mass produce products for public health support.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment at LCEC

At LCEC, we carry a range of used pharmaceutical processing equipment to meet production needs within your operation. Our team is constantly looking for used pharmaceutical equipment to add to our inventory. Some of our available products include:

  • Vial holders: Vials are essential for storage in drug production. They often hold liquids and powders, and they can store essential lab samples for testing and development. Vial holders keep these small bottles organized and secure, so materials remain intact and testers can keep track of samples during development.
  • Incubators: Incubators are essential for creating the ideal environment for cell cultures. These machines allow professionals to control factors such as humidity, temperature and CO2 levels. Once the right cell culture is cultivated in an incubator, it’s prepared for upstream processing. 

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At Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company, you can explore our full inventory of pharmaceutical equipment. If you’re looking for something specific, try an advanced equipment search to find particular products and manufacturers. If you need assistance, you can get in touch with our team today.

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Hydrocracking + Fractionation Unit for Sale

Hydrocracker Reactor Section Unit 7500 converts a feed of Flashed Distillate, Waxy Distillate and Deasphalted Oil (DAO) in a Hydrogen rich atmosphere into mainly Naphtha, Kerosene and Gas Oil products which are sent to Fractionation section U7600.

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