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Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company sells used equipment to serve industries ranging from chemical processing and pharmaceuticals to food and beverage operations. We’re known for a wide selection of products from many notable manufacturers. Learn more about the brands we carry and why you can count on our team.

Used Industrial Equipment From Reliable Manufacturers

At LCEC, we work hard to stock our inventory with used machines from the most reliable manufacturers across industries. When it comes to used equipment, buying models from a manufacturer you trust means you can count on your purchase to function and last for a long time.

With such a large equipment inventory, we’re always bringing in used machines from trusted brands. Whether you’re looking for columns, blowers, feeders or turbines, you can count on LCEC. Our stock changes regularly, so make sure to check back often to find new listings and available manufacturers on our site.

The Advantages of Choosing LCEC

Partnering with LCEC for your operation’s machinery allows you to enjoy all the benefits of used equipment.

Cost-Effective Investment

Industrial equipment values depreciate, especially within the first few years of its lifespan. This depreciation allows you to pay less for a well-functioning machine and get a better return on your investment. These used machines also tend to hit a value plateau after those first few years. If you need to resell your used equipment, you may still get a good price for it.

Product Quality

The fact that we carry machines from reliable manufacturers points to the quality of our used products. Many of these industry leaders are known for equipment longevity. In addition to manufacturer reliability, our equipment may not be as “used” as you think. The term “used” can apply to a machine with hundreds of working hours, but it also covers machines that have only operated a few times. These used machines offer that “like-new” quality without the brand new price.


When you purchase equipment brand new from the manufacturer, you typically face long lead times. You may wait anywhere from three to six months for your equipment to be built and installed at your location. With used equipment from LCEC, the equipment is ready when you are. Once you find the machine you need, you can have it up and running in as little as a couple of weeks. Shorter lead times allow you to improve efficiency sooner and meet your goals faster.

While used equipment itself comes with advantages, you also gain the support of the LCEC team. We offer attentive customer service and an easy-to-navigate website to help you find everything you need. If you want to browse equipment from a specific manufacturer, you can use our advanced equipment search to narrow your parameters.

Find De Dietrich Glass-Lined Equipment and Much More at LCEC

We understand how essential your machinery is to productivity and operational success. With our selection, you can buy equipment as-is and boost your productivity right away. Start browsing our equipment options today.

You can trust the many reliable manufacturers we carry to meet your needs — and you can rely on the LCEC team. Get in touch with our experts at a location near you to discuss your options and find the best solutions for your operations. We look forward to supporting your needs!

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Hydrocracking + Fractionation Unit for Sale

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