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Centrifuges are essential pieces of equipment for industries such as chemical processing, oil and gas, food processing and waste water treatment. Designed to use gravitational force to separate substances by density, centrifuges use rotational force around a fixed axis. Different centrifuges will have various designs. Generally, applications for centrifuges include clarifying liquids and solids and recovering solids from slurries. 

Finding the right centrifuge for your applications is a matter of understanding your performance needs. Considerations for centrifuges include:

  • Filtration vs. sedimentation
  • Bench-top or floor-standing models
  • Swing bucket or fixed-angle rotors

Our Used Centrifuges in Stock

At LCEC, we carry many used centrifuge types of various sizes and manufacturers. Some of our popular types include:

  • Decanter: A decanter centrifuge is essentially a sedimentation tank on an axis. As the tank spins, the solid, heavier particles move to the bottom and form sediment to separate from the liquid. These centrifuges run continuously, which is not the case for all types.  
  • Peeler: This type uses centrifugal force to create caked solids on a filter cloth in the basket. A washing liquid then purifies the solids and spinning removes residual liquids.
  • Pusher: Also called a horizontal basket centrifuge, pusher types use oscillation or an axial pusher movement to separate materials. This process separates solids into cakes and moves them through two basket phases to eliminate liquids.

Find a Used Decanter Centrifuge and Much More at LCEC

LCEC carries a wide range of centrifuges to suit your chemical processing applications. Whether you need a used peeler centrifuge or a laboratory-specific model, we have a machine for your operation. Explore available models today. If you’re unsure about the best type for your application, you can consult our experts at your nearest location. 

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