Used Industrial Cooling Towers for Sale

Used Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are valuable tools for any operation that handles hot fluids, like chemical processing plants. These towers expose hot liquids to a high volume of air that rises by natural means or a mechanism. This air causes the water to evaporate inside the tower, lowering the energy and cooling the fluid.

Cooling towers come in various capacities and sizes, making them adaptable to your application. Our selection includes a range of reliable manufacturers, like EVAPCO and Marley.

Size is an essential metric when choosing your cooling tower because it needs to handle your operation’s heat load. Make sure you understand the extent of your cooling needs when you search for a secondhand cooling tower.

Benefits of Cooling Towers

Advantages of cooling towers include:

  • Safety: Keeping heat under control is essential for the safety of workers and the surrounding area. Cooling towers offer effective heat control for operations of all sizes.
  • Efficiency: Cooling towers require very little power to run, making them an efficient option for controlling heat.
  • Simplicity: Whether you use a mechanical or natural draft model, cooling towers have a simple operation that doesn’t require specialized fluids to run.

How to Care for Galvanized Cooling Towers

At Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company, we’re proud to offer an impressive lineup of galvanized cooling towers. Before you put them into service, we recommend completing the following steps:

  • Pre-cleaning: Clean the piping system to remove suspended solids, grease and oil. You should drain and flush the cooling systems after the pre-cleaning process.
  • Passivation: Refill the tower with a passivation product and let it circulate for 12 to 24 hours without a heat load. At the end of this step, open the cooling tower blowdown to reduce the phosphate levels in the water and start a long-term cooling tower treatment program.
  • Startup water chemistry: Control the cooling water chemistry for about two months. When the passivation is complete, the galvanized metal should turn from a bright, shiny appearance to a dull grey. 

After completing these processes, the galvanized tower should be ready to operate without rapid corrosion, deposition of dirt or debris, control issues and fouling. 

If you see signs of white rust, you should send samples of the deposit to a qualified lab. You can wash light or minimal spots off. More significant deposits will need removal with a soft bristle brush and then a coating of zinc-rich galvanizing paint on the affected areas to prevent further corrosion.

Buy Used Water Cooling Towers for Sale at LCEC

If you need a used Marley cooling tower, turn to LCEC. Our full selection of used cooling towers covers a wide range of capacities to fit your operation. Explore our products today. If you need help finding the right cooling tower for your heat production, get in touch with our team. We’re happy to assist you!

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