Used Industrial Pumps for Sale

Used Industrial Pumps


Industrial pumps are used in oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing and petrochemical industries. Applications for this equipment type include:

  • Water movement
  • Chemical processing
  • Pressurizing fluid
  • Large-volume fluid movement

Pumps can achieve these processes in a few ways. Understanding the types of pumps can help you pick the best system for your applications.

Used Vacuum Pumps and More at LCEC

LCEC carries a broad range of industrial pumps to suit your operation’s needs. Types of pumps you can find at LCEC include:

  • Used vacuum pumps: Vacuum pumps draw out gas molecules through a vacuum chamber. Industrial vacuum pumps are capable of operating over a wide pressure range to ensure the accurate removal of unwanted particles.
  • Used centrifugal pumps: This pump type uses an impeller inside a casing. The impeller remains submerged in water, and when it spins rapidly, it creates centrifugal forces that create pressure energy.
  • Used positive displacement pumps: In this pump type, the system draws fluid into the pump chamber through an inlet valve and releases it through an outlet valve. Many types of pumps fall under the positive displacement category, including diaphragm and rotary styles.

Find Used Pumps in Our Inventory

At Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company, you can find used industrial pumps that suit your operational needs and your budget. Browse our full inventory of pumps according to type today. If you’re looking for a specific piece of equipment, use our advanced equipment search option. For assistance, feel free to get in touch with our team.

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