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Industrial separators are vessels that separate liquids with different densities. Some separator types can convert liquids partially or completely into gas. Industries such as chemical processing, food and beverage, agriculture and waste water rely on these machines throughout their processes.

Used Industrial Separators for Sale at LCEC

At Lousiana Chemical Equipment Company, our selection of used separators includes various types. When you browse our inventory, you can find popular types such as:

  • Centrifuge: In a centrifugal separator, a mixture is pumped into a spinning vortex that separates solids from liquids. The solids collect at the bottom of the separator and high-density liquids flow out. This separator type is maintenance-free and has relatively high efficiency compared to other separation methods.
  • Magnetic: This separator type can separate minerals from mixtures through their magnetic properties. While the strong magnet inside these separators will attract some materials, it will repel others. This type is most common in chemical processing and waste water treatment.
  • Vane: Vane separators remove liquids from gases with metal plates that form serpentine paths. These channels trap liquid as gas flows through them to separate the substances entirely. These separators are among the most cost-effective and compact uses of vane technology.

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LCEC offers an extensive inventory of used industrial separators to suit your operation’s requirements. Explore our full inventory of industrial separators or use our advanced equipment search to find specific brands and machine types. If you’re unsure what type of used separator you need, reach out to our experts today to discuss your applications.

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