Unused Kellogg Ammonia Equipment

Looking to upgrade your Ammonia Facility?

Unused Kellogg Ammonia Equipment Built for 1,500 TPD Kellogg Ammonia Plant.

Complete Compressor Train: Kellogg 101 100425 – 101J Air Compressor Mfg. Delaval Model 9CK37 100427 – 101J Air Compressor Mfg. Delaval Model 5CDK44 47,762 ACFM 100426 – 101JT Steam Turbine 16,929 HP/7,980 RPM Mfg. Delaval Model HJDF.

Complete Compressor Trains: Kellogg 105 95055 – 105J Ammonia Refrigeration 10,210 HP/7,250 RPM Mfg. Delaval Model 8CK44 14,010 ACFM 95056 – 105J Ammonia Refrigeration 3,075 HP/7,250 RPM Mfg. Delaval Model 7CL44 12,000 ACFM 95057 – 105JT Ammonia Refrigeration Steam Turbine 16,929 HP/7,300 RPM Mfg. Delaval Model HJ-DF-MV.

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